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Over 200 Second Amendment Supporters Endorse Corey Stewart

Woodbridge, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today announced he received the endorsement of over two hundred second amendment supporters in his bid for the Republican nomination.

"Corey Stewart's relentless pursuit of advancing Second Amendment rights sets him apart in the race for Governor. He is the right choice, at the right time,” says Bob Sadtler, Chairman of VCDL-PAC.
“I am grateful to all of those who support the 2nd Amendment and have also chosen to rally behind me as the next Governor of Virginia," Stewart said. "Having eliminated all fees associated with conceal carry permits in Prince William County and vehemently supporting Constitutional Carry, I have received an “A” rating with the NRA and having the full support of the VCDL-PAC.” 
"These endorsements are proof-positive that the grassroots across Virginia are coalescing behind my campaign for the Republican nomination," Stewart said. "Conservatives and Republicans in Virginia are looking to send a leader to Richmond who will fight against Terry McAuliffe's liberal policies," Stewart continued. "I'm running because I won't back down in Richmond, just like I haven't backed down to liberal attacks in Northern Virginia," he said.
“Standing for conservative values, I support the true conservative, Corey Stewart.”, said Byran Crosswhite. Crosswhite is President and Founder of 2AO (2nd Amendment Organization), another supporter of Corey Stewart. 2AO connects pro-2nd Amendment Businesses with a focus on large cities and minority communities, offering resources for business owners while welcoming and educating nontraditional shooters. 
Another strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Frank Lanzillo, also supports Corey. “I’m a Marine and former Deputy Sheriff. When I cast my ballot, I do so and vote for the person best suited for protecting the people of the State of Virginia.”, said Lanzillo. “I want a person like Corey Stewart in office to protect and promote values that keep this country strong, not give in to the liberals that want to take away all of our rights. Corey Stewart in my opinion will be the candidate that get things done in office and not bowing to the special interest groups. His actions and deeds are why I will be voting for Corey Stewart this election.”
Ron Hedlund is open about his support for Corey. “As an Endowed Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, life member of the Second Amendment Foundation, lifetime Member of the National Association for Gun Rights, member of the Gun Owners of America, active member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League and a Founding Member of the Virginia Oath Keepers, I am proud to support and endorse Corey Stewart for Governor, because I know his past record of protecting and promoting our God-given right to keep and bear arms.”, said Hedlund. “Corey will stand between our Second Amendment rights and the liberal gun grabbers every step of the way. Corey will be pro-active in strengthening our rights and not run and hide like typical establishment Republicans do time, after time, after time. Please join with me and Virginia's gun owners and vote for Corey Stewart for Governor on June 13th in the Republican primary.”

VCDL-PAC Endorsement
Christianne Allen - Isle of Wight
Mark Allen - Caddo County
Randi Angyal - Prince William County
Richard Atkins - Manassas
Andrew James Austin - Richmond
Susan Badolato - Prince William County 
Tom Badolato - Prince William County
Tim Barrick - Mathews County
Saul Bejarano - Waynesboro
Mark Bergeron - Prince William County
Nancy Jo Billings - Richmond
Gary Blankenship - Lynchburg 
Thomas Blanks - Altavista
Jeff Bolton - Newport News
Karen Boyer - Carroll 
Donald Brill - Frederick County
John Brown - Prince WIlliam County
David Brownhill - Manassas
Amy Buchanan - Giles County
Jason Buracker - Page County
Kurt Burkhardt - Prince William County 
Lora Burley - Virginia Beach
Susan Carraway - Suffolk
Leigh Ann Coe - Wythe County 
Dena Cottle - Virginia Beach
Sharon Caldwell - Clarke County
Craig Carman - Chesterfield
Mark Chapin - Fairfax County
Jerry Coffey - Frederick County
Linda Collins - Virginia Beach
Gerry Comer - Rockingham County
Hugh Conway - Hanover County
Karen Cuthrell - Montpelier
Tommy Dail - Middlesex County
Marcus Dandrea - Prince William County
Dona Danziger - Accomack County
Bryant Dasilva - Chesterfield County
Geraldine Davie - Fairfax County 
Austin Dean - Lee County
Julie Dearing - Rockingham County
Connor Depew - Hanover County
Terri Dieter - Fairfax County
Barbara Dodge - Prince William County
George Dodge - Prince William
Christopher R Dodson - Henrico County
Charlie Doran - Falls Church
Dennis Durham - Prince William County
Robert Fairchild - Fairfax County
George Farson - Henrico County 
Sheldon Finkelstein - Fredericksburg
Martin Fisher - Pittsylvania
James Fitzgerald - Raphine 
Fr. David Franco - Virginia Beach
Rob Frenke - Prince William County
Anson Garrett - Chesterfield 
Nathaniel Garn - Newport News
Joshua Gatz - Prince William County
Chance Gibson - New Kent County
Robert Gilhuly - Westmoreland
Deborah Glass - York County
James Goff - Bedford County
Kevin Gordon - Botetourt County
Emma Graboyes - Roanoke
Dave Habeger - Arlington
Anthony Hahn - Caroline County
Dolores Hallinger-Hyser - Alexandria
Thomas Harbison - Nottoway County
Larry Harrington - Wythe County
Becky Harrison - Wythe County
Cecil Hartman - Fairfax County
William Hays - Lynchburg
Andrew Heisler - Gloucester County 
Ty Henderson - Charlottesville
Ralph Hise - Amherst County
Marie Hoerst - Prince William County 
Cecil Hogston - Smyth County
Joseph Holland - Roanoke 
Drew Holmes - Amherst County
David Homza - Fairfax County
Eric Hord - Greene County
Elizabeth Hornberger - Lynchburg
Branden Horton - Montgomery 
Brandon Howard - Hopewell
Alicia Hillmer - Stafford County
Patrick Hudgens - Stafford County
James Ingersoll - Williamsburg
Jim Jessie - Henrico County
Matthews Johns - Stafford County
Tyler Johnson - Pulaski County
Victoria Johnson - Winchester
Jonathan Jones - Henrico County
Leanne Jones - Hanover County
Lisa Julian - Chesapeake
Isaiah Kalinowski - Alexandria 
Michael Keith - Prince William
Shaina King - Washington County
Thomas Krzeminski - Loudoun
James Landerkin - Alexandria
Don Lankford - Norfolk
Jonathan Lawson - Mecklenburg County
Julie Lewandowski - Hanover County
Dusty Lewis - Fincastle County
Steve Lister - Virginia Beach
Tony Lundy - Danville
Joseph Marabella - Prince WIlliam County
Daniel Martin - Shenandoah
Jeff Martin - Giles County
William Maslanka - Virginia Beach
James McCaffery - Alexandria
Dewey McDonnell - Culpeper County
Thomas Middlebrooks - Fredericksburg
Jennifer Milburn - Prince WIlliam County
Robert Milburn - Virginia Beach
Donald Mitchell - Gloucester County
Mark Moore - Chesterfield County
Nancy Morgan - Bland County 
Jack Morgan Sr. - Bland Co
Amanda Morris - Fairfax County
Bryan Morris - Bedford County
Joshua Morrison - Loudoun County
Joshua Mozdzier - Prince William
Patrick Muldoon - Giles County 
Brandon Mullins - Wise County
Carl Mullins - Shenandoah
Marta Munzi - Prince WIlliam County
Chris Murphy - Middlesex County
Mary Anne Myers - Virginia Beach
Joseph Nave - Fairfax County
Michael Neal - Prince William County
Steve Nelson - Roanoke City
Seamus Liam Oneill - Fairfax County
Joe Overstreet - York County
Laura Pabo - Pittsylvania County
David Pantzer - Manassas
Cheryl Pettijohn - Stafford County
Keith Phillips - Hopewell
Theresa Phillips - Hopewell
Bryan Plummer - Manassas
Michael Pope - Hanover County
Michael Powell - Chesterfield
C.M. Pruitt - Roanoke
Victor Purchase - Prince William 
Rita Ramey - Tazewell County
Donna Randall - Halifax County
George Randall - Halifax County
Gerald Rapp - Fairfax County
John Ray - Henrico County
Steven Rea - Augusta County
Noelk Redd Jr. - Virginia Beach 
Vicki Reed - Prince William County
Denea Reedy - Washington County
Chad Ritchie - Fairfax County
Richard Roberts - Henrico County 
Timothy Robinson - Henrico County
David Rocheleau - Williamsburg
Perry Rose - Bedford County
Andrew Rush - Charlottesville 
Chasity Sanchez - Fredericksburg
Dennis L. Satterwhite - La Crosse County
Jebidiah Schwartz - Richmond
Rebecca Schwartz - Richmond
William Sealey - Botetourt County
Michelle Seay - Augusta County
Sherrie Settle - Amissville
Derek Singer - Virginia Beach
Carl Smith - Hopewell
Dena-Marie Smith - Henrico County
Jeffrey Smith Jr. - Prince William County
RJ Smith - Hopewell
Keith Snead - Surry County
David Sneeringer - Falls Church
Rick Speidel - Stafford County
Timothy Spence-Simmons - Pittsylvania 
Victoria Simmons - Rockingham County
Wesley Snider - Bedford County
Jennifer Speidel - Stafford County 
Cary Starke - Hanover County
Charles Stayton - James City
Winston Streeter - Fauquier County
George Strunk - Richland County
Robert Sunukjian - Suffolk County
James Taylor - Virginia Beach
Zenie Taylor - Virginia Beach
Jim Thurber - Spotsylvania
Jacob Tolson - Fredericksburg
Brad Toohill - Loudoun County
Ray Tranchant - Virginia Beach
Jamie Troutman - Alexandria
David Turner - Prince William County
Lynne Uher - Virginia Beach
Darryl Vaughan - Carroll County
Tommy Vestal - Tazewell County 
Justin Viener - Henrico County
Shane Waid - Virginia Beach
Andrew Walmsley - Fredericksburg 
Don Waterman - Bristol City     
Maria Weyraugh - Alexandria
Edmund Whipple - Hanover County
Luke Whitis - Prince William County
Mark Wolsky - Page County
Dwayne Wombles - Virginia Beach 
Janine Woods - Hanover County
Jay Williams - Arlington County
John Williams - Prince William County
Sue Zumbro - Dillwyn