Morton Blackwell Endorses Corey Stewart

May 7, 2013

You and I are now seeing some advantages of nominating our statewide candidates by convention.

In hard-fought party primaries, broadcasting negative ads not only sucks up a lot of Republican donors’ money, such public infighting also provides Democrat nominees with pre-sold and often false information to use against our Republican nominees in the following general elections.

In the race for our 2013 nomination for lieutenant governor, a lot of negative information is circulating about some candidates – some openly from some of our candidates themselves, some from anonymous sources, and some from attackers who identify themselves but don’t reveal that they intend to help certain candidates by hurting other ones.

At least these current attacks are mostly limited to mail, email, and robocall communications to delegates to the convention, several thousand people, compared to the approximately two million people who will vote in November.

In a nomination contest among many candidates, such as Virginia Republicans now have for our nomination for lieutenant governor, one doesn’t always need a scientific poll to know who are the leading candidates. Some whose campaigns are running behind think they can help themselves by attacking other, stronger candidates.

So I suppose I should take it as a good sign that the candidate for lieutenant governor I support, Corey Stewart, is the target of some strongly worded attacks.

There are many reasons Corey is correctly seen as a leading candidate.

Corey has stood up against the liberal media at the local and national levels. They target him for his conservative principles in leading Prince William County in his fight for prosecuting criminal, illegal Immigrants there. What he has done in Prince William County on this issue has caused a drastic reduction in crime there.

The Washington Post went after Corey for slashing the Social Services budget in Prince William County.

It is fair to say that Corey Stewart’s outspoken opposition to county tax increases was a key reason why he was elected chairman of his large county’s Board of Supervisors.

His rapidly growing county is the number one county in Virginia for job creation and ranks third in the nation.

When Corey was challenged in 2011, his was the number one Democrat-targeted local-office race in all of Virginia. Democrats poured over $500,000 into the race against him. What happened? Corey won his re-election by 30 points and won 72 out of 77 precincts in Prince William County, a majority-minority county.

And in Prince William County, Corey has governed in a way that the taxes today are the same as they were five years ago, while adding money for transportation and hiring more police and fire personnel. That’s conservative leadership, and some in Richmond would benefit from noting this.

Corey has never backed down on his pro-life position, nor has he backed down on marriage as being between one man and one woman.

He has an enviable reputation for getting things done. That’s not easy to do for a conservative Republican in Northern Virginia. And, yes, Corey keeps getting re-elected.

Corey has held true to his conservative principles. And that’s impressive in a part of the state where some Republicans are fearful of standing up for principle.

Yes, some people are attacking Corey Stewart. Some of what they say is false, even ridiculous, but all of their pot-shots are because they know Corey is a leading candidate for nomination at the state convention.

Attacking other candidates in a seven-person contest at a convention is not so smart. Whoever wins our convention’s nomination will almost certainly have to get support there from some delegates who currently support other candidates. Smart candidates should be trying now to make friends with all the delegates and the candidates they now support.

I have seen a lot of great results from Corey Stewart in Prince William County, and I firmly believe he will do great things for all Virginians as lieutenant governor, presiding over the state senate and helping to lead conservatives across Virginia.

Please join me in supporting Corey Stewart for Lieutenant Governor this May 17-18 at the Republican Convention. Let’s send this experienced and successful conservative leader to Richmond.


Morton Blackwell