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A Message to All Virginians: Keep Fighting

I have been a strong advocate of fighting for Donald Trump to win Virginia. We have had ups and downs, but this blow is not to be dismissed.

Having said that, we can still win Virginia. We need everyone in this state to keep fighting. Donald Trump, according to a Rasmussen poll that came out today is up by 2%. This is the first post-debate scientific poll. It is a shift of 6 percentage points in one day!

We are also seeing massive corruption and scandal being revealed by Wikileaks on a daily basis, with Hillary insulting Catholics and Hispanics, cheating before debates, and a long list of other dishonest revelations. This is who the Clintons are. And the American people are waking up to it.

Even though we won’t get much help from the establishment or the RNC, national numbers do influence state numbers. If this trend continues, many states could start to see upward movement in the polls.

It could come down to just us knocking on doors, talking with our friends, relatives, and neighbors, and keeping working hard to ensure a Trump victory in Virginia. If we keep up the fight we can make a difference.

Should the polls in Virginia shift back in our favor, the campaign could put resources back into this state. It is important to do all we can to set the conditions. Presidential politics is very fast moving and has many ups and downs.

Thank you to the grassroots, volunteers, and supporters for all you are doing to help Donald Trump in Virginia, and I look forward to fighting alongside of you all the next few weeks.


Corey Stewart

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