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Corey Stewart Calls on Gillespie to Stop Cowardly Avoidance of Conservative Voters

Woodbridge, VA -- Republican candidate for Governor Corey Stewart today called on establishment candidate Ed Gillespie to stop avoiding Virginia's conservative voters. 

"Ed Gillespie's behavior is cowardly," Stewart said. "Instead of standing and talking with Virginia's most conservative voters today at VCDL's Lobby Day, he sent one of his surrogates to speak in his place so he could slip out a side door. If Americans are focused on draining the swamp in D.C. and Richmond, then Ed Gillespie is the Creature from the Black Lagoon." 

Stewart's comments came in reference to a major lobbying day in Richmond where voters and activists from across the state descend on the Capitol to make lawmakers aware of their issues.

"Ed's refusal even to engage in meaningful debate with Virginia's voters demonstrates a massive deficit in his willingness to lead," Stewart said, "There really is no better word to describe this behavior than 'cowardice.'" 
Gillespie also skipped out on a major meeting with Americans for Prosperity at the Capitol.