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Corey Stewart Calls on Northam, Gillespie to Pledge to End Endangerment of Virginians

Woodbridge, VA -- Republican Corey Stewart called on Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie to pledge to end their reckless endangerment of Virginians with their soft-on-illegals positions. 

"Today I'm calling on Ralph Northam to end this senseless advocacy for the endangerment of the people of Virginia," Stewart said. "We need to be clear on what this is: The man asking to preside over the executive branch of government is willingly and openly scoffing at the rule of law, and I'm confident Virginians will reject this dangerous way of thinking," he said. 

"But the blatant disregard for law and order doesn't end with the Democrats. Sure, Ralph Northam is a liberal Democrat. But we could easily see establishment darling Ed Gillespie engaging in the same dangerous behavior and putting the lives of Virginians at risk," Stewart said. 

"Even more dangerous than a liberal Democrat is a Republican who would give us the same policies Northam would if he were Governor," Stewart said. "Republicans have sold out Americans for far too long. When it comes to the issue of public safety, Virginians need to know where their officials stand. We cannot afford to elect more weak-kneed Republicans like Ed Gillespie who refuse to take a stand," Stewart said. 

"Ed Gillespie is weak on immigration. Whether it is Ed's need to be liked, or his deep ties to businesses who want to import illegal labor is irrelevant," Stewart continued. "But Ed Gillespie needs to pledge to the people of Virginia today he will refuse to give licenses to illegals and he will refuse to allow sanctuary cities in our state."