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Corey Stewart Endorsed by VCDL-PAC as Strongest Pro-Gun Candidate for Governor

Woodbridge, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today announced the endorsement of the Virginia Citizens Defense League's (VCDL) political action committee, a grassroots organization "dedicated to advancing the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment." 

In an email to tens of thousands of their grassroots supporters Sunday night, the VCDL-PAC announced their endorsement of Corey Stewart for Governor. "Corey Stewart ran away with [the endorsement] for Governor, it wasn't even close. Mr. Gillespie, once again, ignored the thousands of grassroots members of the VCDL by refusing to answer our questions just as he did two years ago during his race for Senate," said Bob Sadtler, Chairman of VCDL-PAC. "Corey Stewart answered with a very pro-gun survey and has a record of bold, decisive action. He eliminated all fees associated with conceal carry permits in Prince William County and vehemently supports Constitutional Carry. It was a clear choice," Sadtler said.

"There is no right more integral to personal liberty than that right guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment," Stewart said, so "it's an honor to have the support of VCDL. They have led the way in the fight to protect Virginians right to keep and bear arms," he said.

"VCDL-PAC understands that if we are to remove any restrictions put in place by McAuliffe and strengthen Virginians' Second Amendment rights such as passing Constitutional Carry, we need a fighter who has a record of defending those and who will never back down to pressure," Stewart said. 

"This endorsement is proof-positive that the grassroots across Virginia are coalescing behind my campaign for the Republican nomination," Stewart said. "Conservatives and Republicans in Virginia are looking to send a leader to Richmond who will fight against McAuliffe's liberal policies," Stewart continued. "I'm running because I won't back down in Richmond, just like I haven't backed down to liberal attacks in Northern Virginia," he said.