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Corey Stewart Names National Conservative Leader As Finance Chair

Woodbridge, VA - Corey Stewart names Christopher Ekstrom, a national conservative leader, as his national finance chairman

A Dallas-based investor, Mr. Ekstrom created Courageous Conservatives PAC to place a series of hard-hitting ads on the air in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early states. Ekstrom has been a major supporter of Senate Conservatives Fund and focuses on helping full-spectrum conservatives running in primaries against establishment moderates.

“I enthusiastically accept the mission to elect Corey Stewart the next Governor of Virginia. Corey is a decisive leader and gentleman of integrity. Corey is also a proven, tested courageous conservative who stands up for citizens interests over lobbyists. That's why I will be volunteering my time to restore the Commonwealth by returning principled leadership under the next Governor; Corey Stewart,” Ekstrom said.

"I am honored and humbled that Chris decided to join our team as our National Finance Chairman. Chris understands that this race in Virginia has national implications and will be the first test to decide what type of Republican party we will be. He knows that when we win here in Virginia in 2017, conservatism and the anti-establishment movement that is sweeping across this country will have a major victory. In 2016, Republicans swept the congress, the senate, the presidency, state legislatures, and governor’s mansions. Virginia is one of the only elections in 2017, and I am so honored and glad Chris wants to join us in this fight,” Stewart said.

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