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Corey Stewart Pledges "No New Tolls"


Woodbridge, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart pledged to Virginians he would not allow another new toll road to be built in Virginia.

"Adding another toll road doesn't make sense to many Virginians," Stewart said during a press conference in Virginia Beach. "Why should hard-working Virginians have to pay for something they've already paid for once?"

"As governor, I pledge to Virginia's drivers that we will find the dollars for transportation in the state's existing budget, and that means we will not come after those dollars from you in the form of new tolls," he said.

"Why should the residents of Hampton Roads bear the burden of heavier toll costs for projects Richmond decides to do?" Stewart asked. "Richmond should find the dollars in Virginia's budget rather than returning to the taxpayer trough to take more dollars out of the pockets of Virginia's families."

Stewart's "No New Tolls" Pledge was part of Stewart's broader plan to make cuts across the board in the budgets of Virginia's departments to fund key services like transportation education and public safety.