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Corey Stewart to McAuliffe: "Stop Playing Politics with Human Life"

Republican Candidate for Governor Corey Stewart today reaffirmed his support for the 20-week abortion ban proposed by Delegate Dave LaRock yesterday -- a ban Governor Terry McAuliffe recently vowed to veto.

Terry McAuliffe is playing politics with the lives of the unborn," Stewart launched. "That is not acceptable. At some point we have to decide what kind of society we want to have. While Virginians value life, it appears our current governor does not," Stewart continued. "I won't back down on the value of life, we are a civilized society not a third world country."

"Every life is precious and needs to be protected. It is our duty as elected officials to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is only a start. It’s a medical fact that unborn children are capable of experiencing pain 20 weeks into the pregnancy. As Governor, I will fight to protect life in Virginia, period,” Stewart concluded.

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