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Corey Stewart Wins Culpeper County Straw Poll

Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart won the Culpeper County Straw Poll Saturday night at the Ronald Reagan Legacy Dinner, demonstrating his strength among Republican Party activists.

“I’m very excited to have won this straw poll in Culpeper, because these are the voters who pay attention and who know where I stand on critical issues like protecting Virginians’ safety and security, ending sanctuary cities, protecting life, defending the second amendment, and rolling back government waste in Richmond,” Stewart said.

Stewart took 39 votes to Denver Riggleman’s 27. Ed Gillespie received 27 votes, and Frank Wagner received 2 votes.

“As we travel the state, I'll continue to let Virginians know in clear terms exactly where I stand on the issues, and I look forward to speaking with them about the issues that matter most to them,” said Stewart.

“We have much work ahead of us to drain the swamp in Richmond, so this straw poll win is a step in the right direction,” Stewart concluded.