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Stewart Proposes Toughest Crackdown On Illegal Immigration in the U.S.


Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today released details on his plan to implement the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration anywhere in the country. Stewart's plan will mirror the tough policy Stewart implemented in Prince William County 10 years ago.

"Public safety is every elected official's number one responsibility. The recent rapes, murders, and influx of gang crime committed by illegal immigrants in Virginia are unacceptable, and as Governor, the safety of Virginians will again be top priority in Virginia," Stewart said.

"Liberals and establishment Republicans have sacrificed our safety and our children's safety for the sake of political correctness," Stewart said.

"I have first-hand experience cleaning up the illegal immigration mess in Virginia," said Stewart. "I put the security of the citizens first in Prince William County. We've reduced crime to its lowest level in twenty-four years, and reduced violent crime by 48.7 percent as a direct result of our crackdown on illegal immigration and that's what I'll do in Virginia."

"In 2007, I led Prince William County in adopting a policy of inquiring into the immigration status of every person arrested for a crime; and implementing the federal 287(g) program, which deputizes County Jail officers to determine the immigration status of every inmate," Stewart said. "Illegal alien inmates are turned over to ICE for deportation, and so far, approximately 7,500 illegal alien criminals have been handed over by Prince William County, and our crime rate has plummeted to its lowest rate in twenty-four years."



287(g) Mandated in Every Locality
Every locality will require local law enforcement officials to determine the immigration status of 100% of inmates in local jails and work with federal immigration authorities to initiate the deportation process of illegal aliens.

Defund Sanctuary Cities in Virginia
Localities will be banned from declaring themselves a sanctuary city. Localities not in compliance with state or federal immigration laws will lose state funding.

Universal E-Verify across the board -- public AND private employers
At present, E-Verify only applies to public employers. All employers will comply with E-Verify to ensure employees are legal.

Corey Stewart is a Republican Candidate for Governor and former Virginia State Chairman of the Donald Trump campaign. To schedule an interview, please email Noel Fritsch at