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Stewart: "Gillespie's New Government Plan a Lobbyist's Dream"


Woodbridge, VA -  Republican gubernatorial candidate and Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart, rejected Ed Gillespie's so-called "Good Government" plan. 

"Ed's latest attempt to reinvent himself as a conservative unbelievably adds increased spending, more programs and more layers of government -- just what you'd expect from a career lobbyist," Stewart said. "Ed says he wants to reduce the size of government, but he can't help but grow it by creating new offices and new initiatives," asserted Stewart.

"Gillespie's own website brags about spending two billion of Virginians' hard-earned dollars -- dollars the Commonwealth is not already spending," Stewart claimed.

"With higher spending, Ed brings Virginia a long list of pie-in-the-sky ideas with flowery, corporate and business lingo he paid his PR firm a mint for, but he never gets down to brass tacks – HOW is he actually going to cut spending?" Stewart asked. 

"The reason Ed doesn't talk about cutting spending is a simple one -- he isn't," Stewart said. 

"As at-large Chairman of a majority-minority county in northern Virginia, I've planned and executed plans to cut spending and taxes, so I know how it is done," Stewart said. "Ed, who has never run any city, town, or county budget, will not cut spending. Gillespie's plan is nothing more than empty rhetoric intended to make Virginians forget Ed's allegiance will always lie with big spending campaign donors like Dominion Power," said Stewart. 

"I'm glad Ed feels like he has to sound conservative," said Stewart. "Virginians want true conservative leadership, but a career lobbyist like Ed Gillespie just doesn't have the experience making spending cuts Richmond needs," he concluded.