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Stewart Digital Ad: Gillespie Supports Obama-Style Health Care Mandate


Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart released a new digital ad today highlighting Ed Gillespie's support for Obama-style health care mandates.

Entitled "Gillespie's Obamacare Mandate," the ad cites language from Gillespie's 2006 book and comments Gillespie made in support of health care mandates during his book tour.

Watch the video here, or follow the image below.


TRANSCRIPT: "Gillespie's Obamacare Mandate"

[VO]: Obamacare’s penalties are crushing Virginians. So why is Ed Gillespie acting like a Democrat? Ed supported Obama-style insurance mandates in his own book! Ed says D.C. should “Use the tax code to gain compliance.”


[News clips]:“6 million will pay a penalty under Obamacare.” “higher fines on people who don’t get insurance” “you’re gonna be fined if you don’t buy insurance” “premiums are gonna raise 22%.”

[VO]: What’s Establishment Ed Say to that?

[Ed Gillespie]: “individual requirements for people to carry their own insurance. the party is open to that”

[VO]: Virginia doesn’t need another Democrat in Richmond. Vote Conservative. Vote Republican. Vote Corey Stewart.

[Disclaimer]: I'm Corey Stewart, and I approve this message.


Corey Stewart is a Republican Candidate for Governor and former Virginia State Chairman of the Donald Trump campaign.