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Gillespie's Team of Tax Raisers

In 2013, Republicans like Bob McDonnell were fighting for the biggest tax hike in Virginia history.

Our Republican governor even flopped fully to the other side of the issue after claiming he opposed “levies.”

Of course, Bob McDonnell refused to sign the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to support any tax increases.

Bob even told the Associated Press:

"Any general increase in the taxes of Virginia I’m not going to support. I’m not planning to raise taxes. That’s the best I can tell you."

More tax hikes in Virginia?

Given Gillespie’s current claims to oppose taxes, you'd think Ed Gillespie would've led the fight against the tax hike back in 2013, right?

After all, even though he wouldn’t sign the ATR Pledge, Ed did pledge to the taxpayers of Virginia in 2014 that he would oppose higher taxes.

Well, you would be wrong. Per usual, Ed decided not to take a stand. And it’s worse than Ed’s disingenuous claims to oppose taxes.

Back in 2013, Ed's team was pushing for the biggest tax increase in Virginia history.

While McDonnell was going back on his word, Ed was nowhere to be found.

And just like Bob McDonnell, Ed Gillespie also refused to sign the ATR pledge not to raise taxes.

Generra Peck, one of Ed's policy directors, celebrated the biggest tax hike in Virginia's history as a bipartisan victory for “sustainable” roads.

Generra Peck tweet

And Ed’s communications staffer Matt Moran defended the tax increase, claiming that there were no funds for roads.

Not only that, Moran’s excuses for Ed Gillespie’s refusal to sign the ATR Pledge not to raise taxes seemed to have something to do with polling numbers.

Moran even mocked Grover Norquist’s long career of a strong stand against tax hikes.

Moran Tweeted: “McDonnell was elected with 58% of the vote & has a 55+ approval rating. Norquist isn’t elected & has 15% approval rating. I’ll take that.”

Matthew Moran tweet

Taken in context, the fact that Gillespie refused to sign the ATR pledge, just like Bob McDonnell – who raised Virginia’s taxes – is a clear sign that Gillespie is leaving himself the room to raise Virginia’s taxes again.

Virginians simply cannot afford another tax-hiking Republican.

Corey Stewart Stood Strong

Corey Stewart fought McDonnell’s tax hike the whole way. Stewart was quoted in the Washington Post saying, “It’s just another dumb idea coming out of the General Assembly,” said Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William board of county supervisors. “We have never requested that power, we don’t want that power and we would never use that power.”

Nearly four years later, the tax hike is proving to have been a horrible decision. "It was the biggest tax increase in Virginia history, and it didn't even fix the roads," Stewart says of the McDonnell tax hike.

While Corey defended Virginian's wallets, Ed ran away from Virginia’s voters like they have the plague.

Corey Stewart has a great record of lowering taxes in Prince William County, and he will bring that approach to Richmond as Governor.