Corey Stewart has proven himself in standing up for what he believes and governing as a principled conservative as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County.  There are many issues critical in governing as a true conservative, issues that are important to our shared values, adherence to the Constitution and to the tenants of freedom and liberty.  As Lieutenant Governor, we can count on Corey to break tie breaking votes and govern over the Virginia Senate with Conservative, Principled Leadership.

Governing as a Principled Conservative

Corey has demonstrated a remarkable record of strong fiscal conservatism in his leadership as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County, in fact, no one running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia has the record Corey has win it comes to governing as a principled conservative and implementing limited government principles the way Corey has achieved.

In fact, Corey’s record would be very hard to beat when it comes to governing with limited government principles.  Under Corey’s leadership as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County, he has eliminated over 320 local government positions, cut spending over $143 million and with the savings was able to fund over $300 million in new transportation projects needed in Prince William County.  What makes this even more remarkable is that Prince William County is the second largest locality in Virginia and under Corey’s leadership is number one in Virginia with job creation and third in the nation in job creation.  Corey has demonstrated that you can govern as a principled conservative and with our conservative principles of limited government we show how and why conservative principles work for all Virginians.

When it comes to the job of Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Corey’s leadership and his resume will serve Virginia well.  No other candidate for Lieutenant Governor has the record of cutting government spending and the size of government while advancing conservative principles through leadership as he has demonstrated in Prince William County.  When it comes to breaking tie-breaking votes governing as a principled conservative in the VA Senate, Corey Stewart is the right man for the job.



Liberty and Freedom

Corey understands that true vigilance in protecting our freedoms and liberty is critical as a public servant.  In Prince William County he has consistently governed to protect our freedoms and liberties. Whether it be standing up and fighting back against property encroachments, Agenda 21 efforts by federal, state and local governments and any efforts to limit one’s ability to own property and for the protection of their property rights as Citizens in Prince William County.




Corey Stewart believes there are many fantastic teachers and school systems across Virginia doing a great job educating our children, however, he also believes more can be done to unshackle true educational freedom in Virginia.  He is a strong supporter of Parental Choice, that parents are the best advocates of their children in determining what is best for their educational needs.  The money should follow the child, not only are Charter Schools a good idea but allowing children to get out of failing schools or school systems and go to other schools, whether private, charter or even greater access for parents to educate their own children through homeschooling, even if it means amending the VA Constitution to better serve our children.  This is not a partisan political issue, or it shouldn’t be.  Everyone wants the very best education for their children so that they have a greater opportunity for true economic freedom win they enter the workplace.



Second Amendment

Corey Stewart has a very strong record in Prince William County in defending one of our most sacred rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution, the right to bear arms.  Corey has stood up for our second amendment rights in Prince William County when outnumbered but was victorious in defeating anti-gun measures.  Whether it be leading the movement to overturn a ban on buckshot in Prince William County, clearing the way for a shooting range so gun owners in Prince William County had a safe place to train with their firearms, or recently, defunding the Metropolitan Council on Governance, COG, when they tried to restrict the rights of gun owners in Prince William County or his legislative agenda if elected as Lieutenant Governor to pass Constitutional Carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  One thing is for certain, Corey Stewart believes very strongly in our Second Amendment rights and will be a statewide leader on gun rights for Virginians, whether through breaking tie-breaking votes on gun rights issues, governing as a principles conservative on gun rights in the VA Senate or through his own legislative agenda as Lieutenant Governor in getting patrons in the house and senate to patron his own legislation as Lieutenant Governor.

Family Values

Corey believes strongly in a culture of life, where life is nurtured and protected, from Conception to natural death, which is line with his beliefs as a Roman Catholic.  He has tried to work with churches in Prince William County in ending the surge of abortions and to build a stronger culture of life in Prince William County.  We can count on Corey to stand up for the rights of the unborn in Richmond.  Corey believes that life begins at conception and should be recognized as so by our laws.  When it comes to the issue of life, the VA Senate needs stronger leadership governing over that body to promote and protect the innocence of human life, especially the most vulnerable around us, our neighbors in the womb.

Corey believes strongly that marriage is between one man and one woman as he was a strong and vocal supporter of the marriage amendment in 2006.  Corey is a strong advocate that family policy should always be in what is in the best interest of children and families.  As Lieutenant Governor, Corey will work to strengthen the protection of marriage between one man and one woman and will work tirelessly against any legislation that tries to redefine it in any manner, while at the same time making sure family policy works for the single parent as well, knowing full well they are doing a good job in raising their families as well.

Both Corey and his wife, Maria, are the proud parents of two boys, Luke and Issac and believe in strong families and the value to society as family is our foundation and the first government.  With that, Corey will work to strengthen families with family policy that comes to the floor of the VA Senate and will use his office as Lieutenant Governor to always advocate for family values in our public policy.

Corey’s Work on Immigration Enforcement

When it comes to demonstrated leadership and an attitude that he won’t back down when it comes to adhering to our conservative principles, Corey’s record is unmatched by any other candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor.  Prince William County had a big problem with Criminal Illiegal Immigrants.  Corey instituted the toughest crackdown in the Nation on Criminal Illegal Immigration, those illegal immigrants committing crimes in Prince William County.  Afterwards, the crime rate went down over 48% in Prince William County.  However, the liberal media attacked Corey for this relentlessly in the local and national media, cable news show, print media, etc.  The Washington Post labeled him a Third World Despot, the truly revealing thing about this was Corey’s commitment to the law and not backing down on governing as a conservative.  He stood his ground, even dug his heels in a little deeper when under attack; and unlike so many politicians we see at the state and national level today in the Republican party, he didn’t back down on his principles and his position.  The Criminal Illegal Immigration issue in Prince William County is a perfect example of how Corey will govern as a principled conservative presiding over the VA Senate and breaking tie-breaking votes.  He won’t back down!

Winning as a Principled Conservative and Why Corey is our Best Choice for November

We hear all the time how we have to water down our principles for republicans to win, how untrue this is but under the current leadership of the national party, we hear this all the time. Most conservatives are sick and tired of hearing this message because they truly know that republicans don’t lose because they are conservative but we lose because we don’t stand up for our principles and educate others. Corey Stewart is a winner, he has never lost a race in Prince William County, Virginia’s second largest locality, located in Northern Virginia; and he didn’t back down or water down his message to be successful like so many other Northern Virginia candidates in the past, in fact, because he has governed as a principled conservative he has been under attack from the liberal media and democrats more than any other local official in all of Virginia. In 2011, after the implementation of his crackdown on Criminal Illegal Immigration, the toughest crackdown in the entire Nation, he was the number one target by the Democrat Party of Virginia and the liberal media. That didn’t stop Corey, in fact, he won his re-election by 30 points and won 72 out of 77 precincts in Prince William County, Virginia’s first Majority-Minority locality.

How Corey won is why he was invited to speak at CPAC this year as he led a discussion on minority outreach to the Republican Party. Corey’s strategy for winning over minorities is pretty simple, reach out to them on our shared values, which we have many, especially life, marriage and economic opportunity. Corey demonstrated this in his re-election in 2011 by reaching out to minority communities, visiting churches and campaigning in non-republican areas, reaching out to them on his record of accomplishment and our shared principles and values.

So when it comes to victory in November, backing up Ken Cuccinelli, not backing down on principle and successfully governing as a true, principled conservative Lieutenant Governor and breaking tie-breaking votes in the VA Senate and being the true conservative leader in that chamber, Corey Stewart is the man for the job!