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Leading Southwest Influencer Endorses Corey Stewart for Governor

Wytheville, VA - Today, Corey Stewart for Governor announced the support of a leading influencer in the 9th District, Jack Morgan.

"After many years in Republican politics, supporting what I deemed as the most conservative candidate in primaries and then the eventual nominees, I became dismayed at how many went back on their promises once in office. As President elect Trump showed us, we must Drain the Swamp of the professional establishment politicians."

"Since early in the primary while supporting Trump's campaign, I did not support any statewide candidate for the upcoming 2017 races. However, I did watch them. Corey Stewart was the only one there from the start and remained strong until the end. While others held fundraisers for themselves, Corey was raising money for Trump. While others were stumping for their campaigns and struggling to even mention Donald Trump's name, Corey was spending countless hours and endless miles traveling the state to stump for our nominee. Other candidates prioritized their personal political career over the most important election in our lifetime."

"Corey showed true conviction by taking the strongest stand of any statewide candidate. His effort for Trump would warrant support alone but having spent many months on the trail with Corey Stewart, I have learned that he is someone willing to work to learn and find ways to help the areas of Virginia that most elected officials forget about after election day. He will stand with the voters of the 9th District, fight the establishment, and do what's best for the people, not special interests. For those reasons, I enthusiastically support and endorse Corey Stewart for Governor."

- Jack Morgan

"I am honored to have Jack's support and to have him on our team. Growing up in a hard-working blue collar family, I supported Trump for the same reasons the voters of the 9th District did. Liberals have attacked coal, manufacturing, and rural America for too long. The weak-chinned establishment Republicans have ignored them, but I will stand by them. I will not back down from my commitments to Jack just as I didn't back down on my support for Trump. We will work to bring jobs back. Prince William County is the #1 locality for jobs in the state. We will work to have the same success in the Fightin' 9th! We will stand up for the voters of Southwest Virginia, not just when we're looking for votes."

- Corey Stewart

Jack led the fight in the 9th District for Donald Trump. He is well-respected party activist serving as Bland County GOP Chair, 9th District State Central Committee Member, and a two-term 9th District GOP Chair. He is also a USAF Veteran, Minister and Evangelist, Husband and Father who lives in Wytheville, VA.