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Liberal Ed Gillespie Will Raise Taxes


Woodbridge, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart responded to Ed Gillespie's dubious ad touting his tax plan.

"Ed Gillespie and his team were the driving force behind Virginia's largest-ever tax increase," Stewart opened. "Put simply, Ed Gillespie can't be trusted. At campaign time phony conservatives promise not to raise taxes, but they quickly betray their promises when the special interests come calling," Stewart said.

"Ed's fake tax plan, which doesn't even kick in for three years, is based on future revenues -- revenues Virginia may not have, especially given our recent budget deficits reaching into the billion dollar range," Stewart said. "Gillespie's make-believe tax plan is especially laughable given he doesn't plan to cut spending.

"The only money Ed has ever been in charge of is the millions of dollars special interests pay him to lobby for favors in D.C.," Stewart said.

"My conservative record as at-large Chairman of Virginia's second largest locality speaks for itself," Stewart asserted. "Prince William County cut spending by $143 million and enacted the biggest tax cut in our history. My plan will cut the tax by 17.4% in one year because I'll require each department to cut 5% out of their base budget," he concluded.