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Stewart Announces Military Coalition Endorsements


Woodbridge, VA -  Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today announced receiving the endorsement of a coalition of seventy military veterans and retirees. 

Colonel (Ret.) Mora-Figueroa announced his support saying the following: "I am supporting Corey Stewart for governor because I think his strong conservative values and views will help protect and uphold our cherished constitutional rights and Federal Laws, strengthen the state of our State, and help improve services and support for our brave veterans. Because Corey is not shackled to special interests or the GOP establishment, he will be able to better serve and be held accountable by the constituents of Virginia."

A strong supporter of Corey, Colonel (Ret.) Mora-Figueroa, received his Officer commission through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1980, retiring in January 2015 after serving over 28 years of combined operational duties in Active Duty, the US Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard.

“Our Veterans and Active military leaders are the backbone of our Country and Commonwealth. Our Commonwealth is home to 800,000 military personnel and veterans. My campaign staff is also made up of several veterans - from my Campaign Manager to Field Directors”, said Corey. “I understand the sacrifice of those who would willingly give up their lives for us. My Grandfather served in WWI and another close relative died in the service of our Country at Pearl Harbor. Personally, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those, both military members and families for their sacrifice in the protection and the maintaining of our Country. As you have served and as you continue to serve, I will serve you as Governor of our Commonwealth and will never leave you behind.”

Mark Chapin, a retired Colonel in the US Air Force, is also a vocal supporter of Corey, “As a military retiree, I'm very proud of Corey Stewart's rock-solid conservative values and his willingness to stand up for the rule of law - something long ignored by Democrats and the liberal media.”, said Chapin. “As a taxpayer, I'm impressed with Corey's willingness to cut waste and to say "NO" to the special interests. Virginians don't need another establishment politician...we need Corey's strong leadership in the Governor's mansion.”

Corey Stewart Military Coalition Members*

George Dodge, Colonel (Ret.), US Army - Manassas

James Fields, Colonel (Ret.), US Army - Prince William County

Jim Broadway, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), US Air Force - Henrico County

Kevin Sautter, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), US Marine Corps - Fauquier County

David Homza, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), US Army - Fairfax County

Penny Toniolli, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), US Army - Fairfax

Daryl Borgquist, Captain (Ret.), US Navy Reserve - Rockingham County

Ray Tranchant, Commander (Ret.), US Navy - Virginia Beach

Tuan Anh Nguyen, Commander (Ret.), US Navy - Fairfax County

H. Ali Mohammed, Major (Ret.), US Army - Prince William County

Anthony Hughes, Major (Ret.), US Air Force- Prince William County

Shane Frith, Major (Ret.), US Air Force - King George

Joe Adair, MMCM (SS) E-9 (Ret.), US Navy - Williamsburg

Kurt Burkhardt, Master Sergeant (Ret.), US Air Force - Prince William County

Mike Moore, MMCS (Senior Chief) (Ret.) - Chesapeake

Donald Brill, E8 (Ret.), US Navy - Frederick

Reginald Farr, Senior Chief Petty Officer (Ret.), US Navy - Norfolk

Patrick Hudgens, Sergeant First Class (Ret.), Army - Stafford

Martin Du Mond, SFC (E7) (Ret.), Army Reserve - Prince George County

Edmund Whipple, Staff Sergeant (Ret.), US Army - Hanover County

Wayne R. Hughes, Staff Sergeant (Ret.), US Army - Henrico County

Andrew Castillo, Paratrooper, Staff Sergeant (Ret.), US Army - Newport News

Gerald Rapp, Staff Sergeant, US Marine; Diver Chief, US Navy (Ret.) - Alexandria

Marcus Dandrea, Sergeant (Ret.), US Marine Corps - Prince William County

Michael Keith, Technical Sergeant (Ret.), US Air Force - Prince William County

Robert W Meadows, Specialist (E5) (Ret.), US Army - Bedford County

Scott Olson, Senior Airman (Ret.), US Air Force - Champaign

Noelk Reed Jr, Machinists Mate First Class / Submarine Qualified/ Dolphin Insignia (E6), (Ret.), US Navy - Virginia Beach

Chad Ritchie, Aviation Electronics Technician First Class / Aviation Warfare Specialist. (E6) (Ret.), US Navy - Fairfax County

Douglas G Scott, 2nd Class Petty Officer (E5) (Disabled Ret.), US Navy - Spotsylvania

Stephen Darlow, US Navy - Hampton City

James Bryan Drenth,  US Air Force - Stafford County

Thomas Franta, US Marine Corps - James City

Jonathan Howard, US Navy - Staunton

Nate Garn, US Marine Corps - Newport News

David Garvie, US Marine Corps - Loudoun County

Mark Genarelli, US Army -  Stafford County

Robert Gilhuly, US Army - Westmoreland

Reid Greenmun, US Navy - Virginia Beach

David Gressner, US Marine Corps - Washington County

Becky Harrison, US Army - Wythe County

Jason Houle, US Navy - Chesapeake

James Canby Landerkin, US Air Force - Alexandria City

Daniel Levy, US Air Force - Virginia Beach

William Maslanka, Navy - Virginia Beach

Becky Harrison, US Army - Wythe County

William Hays, Air Defense, US Army - Lynchburg

Ty Henderson, US Army -  Albemarle County

Lance Houghton, US Army - Prince William County

Jonathan Lawson, US Marine Corps - Mecklenburg

Robert Milburn, US Army - Virginia Beach

Don Mitchell, US Marine Corps - Hays County

Joshua Mozdzier, US Marine Corps - Prince William County

Eric Ober, Army National Guard - Fairfax County

David Pantzer, US Army - Manassas

Christopher Payne, US Army - Orange County

Timothy Robinson, US Army - Henrico County

Isidoro Rodriguez, US Air Force - Fairfax County

Chris Royse, US Army - Prince William County

Derek Singer, US Marine Corps - Virginia Beach

Gregory Stewart, US Navy - Washington DC

William Stewart, US Navy - Fredericksburg

Larry Tisch, US Air Force - Prince William County

David Turner, US Air Force - Prince William County

Allen Whittaker, US Army - Grayson

Linda Wilson, US Air Force - Fredericksburg

James Wisniewski, US Army - Henrico County

Richard Atkins, US Army - Manassas

Andrew James Austin, US Army - Richmond

John Blankenship, US Navy - Amherst

Sidney Bush, US Air Force - Roanoke County

Hugh Conway, US Army - Hanover County

*These ranks are listed in no particular order and are listed as the service member stated to the Stewart campaign. Out of respect for their service, we listed the ranks and branches as they wanted them written. Active Duty personnel who support Corey Stewart are not listed for legal and operational security reasons.