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Corey Stewart Discusses Trump Fulfilling Immigration Campaign Promises on the Kelly File

Last night, Corey Stewart went on the Kelly File to address a possible softening in tone on immigration by the incoming Administration. Donald Trump recently stated, "We're going to work something out that's going to make people happy and proud," in a Time Magazine Interview.

Corey is cautiously optimistic Trump will stand by his campaign promises regardless of the softened rhetoric, and stressed the importance of fulfilling those promises that millions of Americans voted for.

“57% of them are adults. In Prince William County, one of these so called Dreamers was released by the Obama administration and killed a nun. Mr. Trump needs to keep his promise! 63 million people took him at his word when he made the promise to rescind this illegal executive order,” said Stewart in the interview. “We have to establish law and order in our immigration system. What's the point of even reforming the law, if we're not going to enforce it," Stewart said.