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STEWART: Republican Party of Virginia Must Drain Its Own Swamp


Woodbridge, VA -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart issued a statement today in response to the RPV's dishonestly injecting race into the race for governor of the Commonwealth.

"I'm saddened for the Commonwealth of Virginia that the Republican Party here would so dishonestly attempt to inject race and identity politics into the Republican primary campaign for governor of the Commonwealth," Stewart said. "Instead of working for conservativism, the RPV seems to have joined with the swamp creatures in Richmond to unfairly sway the Republican nomination process," said Stewart. "Once again, Establishment Ed is leaning on his favorite party stooges to unjustly influence what should be a democratic election."

"The people of Virginia -- not Establishment Ed Gillespie and his party apparatchiks -- should choose their nominee for Governor," Stewart said.

"Let us not forget that these establishment insiders are the same weak-kneed 'Republicans' who worked against President Trump to elect Hillary Clinton," Stewart said. "The RPV should be censured for its lame attempt at propping up another failed candidate in Ed Gillespie, and I hope from here on out the Party will work toward ensuring a free and fair election for Virginians," he concluded.