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Richmond is Giving Your Land to the Power Company | Corey Stewart for Governor

Private land belonging to regular, working Virginians is up for sale. Even worse, the politicians who hope to continue Terry McAuliffe's legacy are themselves for sale, right along with that land.

Clinton’s Corporate Cronies and Ed Gillespie aim to sell Virginians out. Clinton pal Gov. Terry McAuliffe is one of Richmond’s worst kind of cronies. He’ll sell out Virginia to enrich himself and his friends at any cost. Now the Republican General Assembly is marching down the very same path.


Sadly, Republicans in the House have already passed a bill to hand over private property to Dominion Power, a for-profit company that enjoys a monopoly status enforced by Virginia Law. Even worse, establishment darling and D.C. Insider Ed Gillespie is working on behalf of Dominion to give land away to the company that has been given a monopoly which they'll use to move in and take privately-owned land.

Dominion Power has been called a “Horrible Corporate Citizen.” It is the truth, and everyone in Virginia knows it. Still, Ed Gillespie is willing to take Dominion money and support their dishonest plan to take private land owned by Virginia’s citizens for its own use.

Richmond wants to give Dominion Unlimited “Zoning Powers”. This horrendous bill, now moving through the Virginia Senate (S.B. 1110) is an abomination. This harmful bill would:

  • Move land use issues to Richmond instead of to the local level, where these issues belong.
  • Create the possibility for centrally located substations in busy places not suited for electrical use
  • Limit the ability of local governments to zone their land for electrical use;
  • Limits the ability of localities to determine the impact any new projects could have on their area

Eminent domain – the principle that allows the government in very rare cases to purchase land that is needed for public works. Well, if this bill were to pass, it would constitute nothing less than the handing over eminent domain powers to a private, for-profit corporation. Passing this bill would represent a silent coup the level of which Virginia hasn’t seen before.

Dominion may as well be given control of the General Assembly and the Governor’s mansion, move on into the Capitol, and fully take the reins of power. All because Virginia’s leaders are for sale. Our government and the Clinton Cronies in Richmond, with Ed Gillespie’s help, would be responsible for this abomination. And it’s no secret why.

Wealthy corporate donors expect favors in Richmond when they invest heavily in Ed Gillespie.
The top brass at Dominion doesn’t give thousands of dollars to Ed Gillespie for nothing. Here’s a list of a few of the Dominion executives and lobbyists who’ve given to Gillespie.

  • The Chairman and CEO Dominion Resources gave Gillespie $5,000 in May of 2016.
  • The Executive VP and CEO Dominion Resources Generation Group gave $1,000 in May of 2016.
  • The Executive VP and CEO Dominion Resources Energy Infrastructure Group
  • The Chief Lobbyist Dominion Resources
  • The VP and Deputy General Counsel Dominion
  • A Public Affairs official at Dominion Resources

Think they’re done making payments? We all know how this works. So, of course, our land is for sale. But enough is enough. Now it’s time for Virginians to rise up and send these Clinton Cronies and corporate-owned lobbyists like Ed Gillespie packing.

Over the last several months, Corey Stewart has launched this grassroots fight to Take Virginia Back from cronies like Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe. Virginia doesn’t need more of the same. We need radical change. In fact, “More of the same” has brought Virginia to a very dangerous place. Our sovereignty is at stake and even our very land is now at risk. Join Corey Stewart in the fight to Take Back Virginia.