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Stewart Calls for Virginia to Ban Lobbyists from Governor's Mansion


Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart released his ethics plan today that would ban former lobbyists from taking office as Virginia's Governor.

"Ed Gillespie is a 30-year revolving door lobbyist who is desperate to hide the fact he made millions peddling influence as a Washington insider," Stewart said. "Instead of working to reduce the size of government, Gillespie has used government to enrich himself." 

"With my plan, Virginians will be protected from career lobbyists who are only interested in increasing the size of their own bank account at the expense of the working and middle classes," Stewart said. 

Stewart's plan aims to hold career lobbyists accountable to Virginians by accomplishing the following: 

  1. Bar 30-year Washington lobbyists like Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe from taking residence in the Governor's mansion;
  2. Require Ed Gillespie to return the millions of dollars he helped Enron steal from retirees and other investors;
  3. Require all money raised by Ed Gillespie lobbying for Democrats be contributed to the Republican National Committee;
  4. Require Ed Gillespie to return campaign contributions he received from every member of Dominion's Board of Directors