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Stewart Calls on Gillespie, General Assembly to Stop Selling VA Out to Dominion Power, a ‘Horrible Corporate Citizen' | Corey Stewart for Governor

Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today called on lobbyist Ed Gillespie and the General Assembly to halt the progress of S.B. 1110, a bill that removes authority from the localities and gives it to the electric utility, thereby selling out Virginians to Dominion Power.

“I’m hereby calling on the General Assembly, the Governor, and Ed Gillespie to vocally oppose S.B. 1110, which gives Dominion Power unprecedented authority to locate electric transmission lines and switching stations,” Stewart said. “This legislation is an abomination of public policy, and everyone involved should be ashamed.”

“At a critical time like this, when a bill that would give ultimate leeway to Dominion Power is moving through the General Assembly, conservative Virginians should stand up to the likes of Ed Gillespie and tell him, ‘No. Enough is enough,’” Stewart exhorted.

“As someone who’s been fighting for Virginia’s citizens and their wallets and environment for a decade, it is despicable to see a lobbyist like Ed Gillespie – someone who’s wholly owned by Dominion – fold so quickly and to sell out Virginia’s future without hesitation,” Stewart said.

“After four years of Terry McAuliffe, Virginians are tired of cronyism in Richmond, and Ed Gillespie represents the same stench of failed Clinton Cronyism as Terry McAuliffe,” said Stewart. “Lobbyist Ed Gillespie has once again sided with crony corporations and against the people of Virginia on an issue key to our wallets and to our beautiful state,” Stewart said, “and Virginia has had enough.”