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Stewart Calls on Gillespie to Reverse Support for Mandate


Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart called on Establishment favorite Ed Gillespie to reverse course on his support for Obamacare's mandate and tax compliance language.

"In Ed Gillespie's poorly named 2006 book Winning Right, Ed advocates for Obamacare-style mandates on consumers by '[using] the tax code to gain compliance'," Stewart claimed. That is exactly what Obama did, so it's surprising to hear Ed trying to walk back his former support for government coercion. It's as if he didn't read his own book," Stewart said. "Ed should go back and read his book, and then publicly repudiate his support for healthcare mandates, both in Obamacare and in Obamacare 2.0," Stewart said.

"Make no mistake: In his own words, Ed's proposal pushes for mandatory participation in the health care marketplace," Stewart said. "This is not a conservative position, and it is certainly not a Republican position," Stewart continued.

"After eight years of Obama and four years of Terry McAuliffe, Virginians need a break from Democrat rule," Stewart said. "The answer is not a Democrat who slaps an R behind his name like Ed Gillespie."

"A year ago it would've been absurd to think that Virginia would have a Republican candidate for Governor who supports Obamacare's mandate," Stewart said. "Sadly it's not surprising to see Paul Ryan's Obamacare 2.0 bill come out of D.C.," Stewart said. "Unfortunately for Virginians, we have our own Democrat politicians masquerading as Republicans in Ed Gillespie."

"Whether it's Ed's support for amnesty for criminal illegals, his cowardliness in the face of oppressive political correctness, or his failure to commit to deporting criminal illegals across the state, and now his support for Obamacare-style heath care mandates, Ed Gillespie has proved time and again he won't stand up for Virginians," Stewart concluded.