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Stewart Calls On Northam, Perriello to Denounce LG Candidate's Attack on Virginia's Heroes


Woodbridge, VA -  Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart is calling on Northam and Perriello to denounce Susan Platt's call for the removal of all Confederate monuments in Virginia, and the renaming of all highways and buildings named after Confederates.

"Susan Platt attacked Virginia's heritage by calling for the statewide destruction and erasing of Virginia's history. Should the Democrats win in November, they will destroy every last piece of history and heritage in the Commonwealth." Stewart continued, "We already know Ed Gillespie would not stop leftist localities from desecrating memorials to Virginia's war heroes, but I call on Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam to denounce this politically correct madness and make it clear to the voters that they will not accept this attack on memorials to Virginia's veterans and war heroes -- on Memorial Day weekend no less."