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Stewart Campaign Announces $400,000 Cash on Hand

Woodbridge, VA -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart announced today his campaign has $402,000 on hand and over $500,000 raised over the last quarter of 2016. 

"This campaign is the people's campaign -- not the lobbyist's campaign," Stewart said. "We've been all over the state talking with grassroots activists and Republican voters who are tired of the connected class Ed Gillespie represents. While it is clear the monied interests in D.C. and Richmond are going to try to buy this election for Gillespie, our fundraising efforts prove the people can take Virginia back from the establishment." 

"While Gillespie was busy cavorting around with anti-Trumpers and trying to elect Hillary Clinton, my team and I were busy trying to put Mr. Trump into the White House by raising him $1 million," Stewart said. 

"The difference between Gillespie's establishment campaign to continue the status quo and my effort to drain the swamp could not be starker, and I'm confident Virginians will continue to rally to the cause so we can take Virginia back." he concluded.