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Stewart Cruises at Smith Mountain Lake Debate, Calls on Gillespie to Commit to Deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens

Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart questioned Establishment favorite Ed Gillespie at a candidate forum in Smith Mountain Lake yesterday for Gillespie's flip-flopping on amnesty, his lack of trustworthiness, and his unwillingness to deport criminal illegals across Virginia. The full debate can be viewed here.

"Whether it's his supporting amnesty for criminal illegals and the Gang of Eight bill, his willingness to be cowed by the oppressive political correctness of the left bent on erasing Virginia's heritage, or his unwillingness to commit to deporting criminal illegals across the state, Amnesty Ed Gillespie has proved time and again he won't stand up for Virginians," Stewart said.

"The first job of government is to protect the lives, safety, and rights of its citizens," Stewart said, "but Amnesty Ed won't commit to revoking 599 funding to sanctuary cities flouting the law by refusing to remove criminal illegals from our communities. So I'm asking Ed to commit to supporting the implementation of 287(g) statewide to check the immigration status of anyone brought into Virginia's jails to verify whether they've committed any crimes, and if they have, to deport them," Stewart said.

"The reality is when the pressure is on Ed, Gillespie backs down. Virginia needs a governor who will stand strong, despite pressure from the left, irrespective of the audience," Stewart said. "The governor's job is to make Virginians' safety priority one. Virginia cannot afford a governor who will cave to pressure when it comes to our security."

"It is campaign season, that time when the guys who want to hold high office drive -- and in some cases fly -- around the state paying lip service to conservatives to try to convince Virginians they're conservative themselves," Stewart said. "Well I've cracked down on illegals, and I've cut crime and I've cut the budget. If you want someone who will never back down to the left, then I'm your candidate."