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Stewart for Governor Releases First TV Ad: "Courage"

Woodbridge, VA - Prince William Supervisor Chairman Corey Stewart today announced his campaign is releasing the first ad in the Virginia Governor’s race, a thirty-second spot titled “Courage” highlighting Stewart’s conservative record of fighting and winning over the last decade.

The spot, backed by a five-figure buy and airing on Fox News during inaugural festivities, highlights Stewart’s proven conservative record of keeping taxes low, facilitating solid economic growth, and his zero-tolerance policy for illegals.

Calling Stewart an outspoken conservative, "Courage" argues that Stewart is the candidate to take back Virginia from McAuliffe’s “crooked liberal gang” because Stewart “keeps beating liberals again and again” by “not giving them an inch.” Stewart has “the courage to fight” and “the experience to win,” declares the ad. 

Watch the ad here, or follow the image below.

“Corey Stewart has a proven, conservative record and the executive experience Virginia needs,” campaign manager Spence Rogers said.

“Corey Stewart is a firebrand conservative, yet he has won four landslide elections in a so-called ‘blue’ county that gave double-digit margins to Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton,” Rogers added.  “This commercial explains how Corey Stewart will lead Virginia Republicans to similar victories over the next four years.”

“Corey showed the courage to fight when he took on Democrats, slashed spending and kept taxes below inflation for an entire decade,” Rogers noted.  “Corey showed courage when he began the fight against the illegal alien invasion, leading to the deportation of 7,500 illegals from the county.”

“Corey showed courage by getting needed highways built despite threats from radical environmental extremists.  And Corey has repeatedly shown courage by standing up for our conservative values in a county where Democrats win national elections by overwhelming margins,” Rogers said.

Stewart is running in the June 13 Republican Primary to succeed incumbent Governor Terry McAuliffe.