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Stewart: Mcauliffe Would Rather See A Terrorist Attack In Virginia Than Offend Liberals | Corey Stewart for Governor

Today Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart said the "Trump Administration executive order on refugees is reasonable and necessary” and that McAuliffe and Northam are putting political correctness before Virginians' safety.

"It is a temporary inconvenience to fewer than 200 people a day. It is what is minimally required to prevent terrorists, disguised as refugees, from entering the country," said Stewart. "McAuliffe and Northam are once again putting political correctness--and their own political ambition--ahead of the safety and security of Virginians. They are deliberately dividing Virginians by falsely alleging that the executive order was motivated by bigotry."

Stewart continued, "McAuliffe and Northam would rather see a terrorist attack in Virginia than offend liberals. We must take Virginia back from McAuliffe’s crooked liberal gang.”