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Stewart to Gillespie: Join me at the March and Renounce Your Pro-Abortion Positions | Corey Stewart for Governor

Woodbridge, VA - Republican Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart continued to hit at opponent Ed Gillespie for endorsing late-term abortion and opposing legislation banning abortions after twenty weeks, urging the defeated 2014 U.S. Senate candidate to join him at the March “in defense of innocent human life.”

Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, took a shot at Gillespie yesterday in a Facebook Live video for demanding exceptions to a proposed Virginia ban on abortions after twenty weeks and said he will continue to do so until Ed changes his mind and endorses the post-twenty week abortion ban.

“Ed Gillespie claims he is ‘personally’ pro-life but when it comes time to actually do something to save the unborn he hides behind the same kind of legal doubletalk voters expect from a career DC insider and lobbyist like Ed,” Stewart said in a follow-up press statement. “If you want to know why Trump won, look at Ed.”

“Ed Gillespie is more afraid of liberal lawyers than Virginia’s pro-life voters and argues we need to gut this law with loopholes to make it meaningless,” Stewart argued. “I disagree. Now is the time to be bold. Now is the time to take a stand and fight.” Stewart, Gillespie and two other candidates are competing in the June 13th Republican Primary.