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Over 100 Member Tea Party Coalition Endorses Corey Stewart for Governor


Woodbridge, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart today announced he received the endorsement of over one hundred members and leaders in the Tea Party movement.

"Corey's strong stand on vital issues like law and order, abortion, illegal immigration and constitutional government demonstrate he is not part of the establishment and he is a true conservative," said Charlie Hargis, Chairman of the Southwest Virginia Tea Party Patriots.

"Stewart's record shows that he stands up for what he believes and gets things done, " said Hargis, who worked as a trainer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the National Federation of Independent Business.

"Corey Stewart is fighting for the same conservative ideals I have been fighting for throughout my adult life,” said Dale Taylor, a founding member of Patrick Henry Tea Party in Hanover County. “Corey’s plan to cut taxes, cut spending, and reduce excessive government regulations -- especially on small business owners -- will provide greater opportunities to start and grow new businesses and boost the economy in every corner of Virginia.

“I am supporting Corey Stewart for governor because he will cut taxes and because southwest Virginia needs a governor who supports the coalfields parkway," said Don Waterman, vice chairman of the Southwest Virginia Tea Party Patriots. "Corey understands Virginia doesn't end at Roanoke, and it's clear he'll help us through the devastation of the Obama and McAuliffe years brought to southwest Virginia."

“The Tea Party fights for liberty and limited government so I am proud to have the endorsement of so many members of Tea Party groups across Virginia,” said Stewart. “The patriots in Virginia's Tea Party groups are in this fight for the most honorable of reasons -- they want to take their state back from the liberals in Richmond and D.C. who have taken us down such a dangerous path. It is an honor to fight alongside them, and I'm confident we will take back Virginia together.

Stewart has also been endorsed by Tea Party Nation, a prominent national tea party group.

The following Tea Party members and leaders have endorsed Corey Stewart for governor:

David Jackson - Fredericksburg (Treasurer, Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots)
Reid Greenmun - Virginia Beach
Hugh Conway - Hanover County (CEO, ExecTech)
Roger Scheikert - Greene County (former GOP Chairman)
Thomas Cranmer - Fairfax County (1st Vice President, Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance)
Arleen Abe - Virginia Beach
Timothy Abe - Virginia Beach
Richard Atkins - Manassas
Andrew James Austin - Richmond
Ramona Austin - Virginia Beach
Jarome Bell - Virginia Beach
Saul Bejarano - Waynesboro
Mark Bergeron - Prince William County
Jo Billings - Richmond
Gary Blankenship - Lynchburg
James Atticus Bowden
Andrew Castillo - Newport News
Mark Chapin - Fairfax County
Paul Christensen - Loudon County
Dr. Jerry Coffey - Frederick County
Linda Collins - Virginia Beach
David Colwell - Norfolk
Hugh Conway - Doswell
Dena Cottle - Virginia Beach
Thomas Cranmer - Fairfax County
Emilio Crosby - Prince William County
Karen Cuthrell - Hanover County
Dona Danziger - Accomack
M. Robert Dain - Fairfax County
Steve Darlow - Hampton
Stephen Dunn - Culpeper County
Patricia Evans - Danville
George Farson - Henrico County
Thomas Franta - Williamsburg
Maureen Fuster - Virginia Beach
Lester Gabriel - Fredericksburg
Nate Garn - Newport News
Mark Genarelli - Fredericksburg
Deborah Glass - Seaford
Wallace Godwin - Virginia Beach
Toby Gray - Cumberland County
David Gressner - Bristol
Scott Hall - Chesterfield County
Ron Hedlund - Henrico County
Gabe Hill - Henrico County
Elizabeth Hornberger - Lynchburg
Mike Johnson - Prince William County
Kristina Johnson - Hanover County
Victoria Johnson - Winchester
Michael Jordan - Amelia County
Honorable Mary Jones - Williamsburg
Lisa Julian - Chesapeake
Isaiah Kalinowski - Alexandria
Heather Keesling - Fauquier County
Larry Korn - Virginia Beach
Teresa Languille - Virginia Beach
Jonathan Leidenheimer - Falls Church
Tony Lundy - Danville
James Renwick Manship, Sr. - Fairfax County
Daniel Martin - Shenandoah County
William Maslanka - Virginia Beach
Richard McDonnell - Culpeper County
Janet McDonnell - Culpeper County
Coleen McMains - Winchester
Glynda Mealy - Goochland County
Nancy Morgan - Bland
Joshua Mozdzier - Prince William County
Brandon Mullins - Wise County
Carl Mullins - Shenandoah County
Lewis Neal - Fairfax County
Robert Newman - Hampton
Cary Nunnally - Newport News
Caleb Petitt - Fredericksburg
Victor Purchase - Prince William County
Noelk Reed Jr - Virginia Beach
Denea Reedy - Washington County
Robert Reedy - Washington County
Robin Richards - Virginia Beach
Michelle Rilee - Virginia Beach
Chad Ritchie - Fairfax County
Rochelle Roberts- Wise County
Richard Roberts II - Henrico County
Aaron Sawyer - Richmond
Derek Singer - Virginia Beach
Victoria Simmons - Rockingham County
Brett Smith - Alexandria
Jeffrey Smith Jr. - Prince William County
Jennifer Speidel - Stafford County
Rick Speidel - Stafford County
Hannah Stephenson - Virginia Beach
Baird Stokes - Henrico County
Winston Streeter - Fauquier County
Dale Taylor - Hanover County
Lawrence Tisch - Prince William County
Jacob Tolson - Fredericksburg
Penny Toniolli - Alexandria
David Turner - Prince William County
Lynne Uher - Virginia Beach
Jonathan White - Henrico County
Donna Widawski - Prince William County
Kimberly Wise - Norfolk
James Wisniewski - Henrico County
Rob Witherspoon - Richmond
Janine Woods - Montpelier
Nether Woods - Chesapeake
Waverly Woods - Virginia Beach
Carolyn Worssam - Dinwiddie County