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Trump's Bringing Jobs Back. Let's Land Them in Virginia!

Last week, Trump announced Carrier will keep close to 1,000 jobs in the US. This is a huge victory and Trump is keeping his campaign promise to bring back jobs and keep our factories from leaving.

This is great news for Americans! I want to do this in Virginia, too.

Since Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe took office, Virginia has dropped out of the top ten states to do business, while North Carolina moved into the top 5 according to CNBC's annual rankings.

North Carolina added 13,000 more jobs than Virginia in the past 2 years and moved from 41st to 11th in tax climate for businesses. We are ranked a pathetic 33rd.

North Carolina is eating our lunch. We can attract these jobs back to Virginia by reducing taxes and regulations, and become more competitive than states like North Carolina. We also need to reach out to these companies and explain to them why Virginia is the best place for business.

When businesses are looking for places to land, we will need a Governor who is a friend to business. I will be that Governor. I will be your jobs Governor.