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Trump’s Virginia Team Endorses Corey Stewart for Governor

The Virginia Trump Team is solidly behind Corey Stewart for Governor of Virginia.

These are the folks who made thousands of calls, knocked thousands of doors, and put their lives on hold for the President-Elect in Virginia, for no reward other than to take back the White House.

They are supporting Corey Stewart because they know he's the best candidate to bring back jobs, fight the establishment, drain the swamp, and take back Virginia.

Take a few moments to read why each of these valuable Trump Train members has endorsed Corey Stewart for Governor of Virginia.

13 Members of Virginia's Trump Team Endorse Corey Stewart for Governor

"Corey showed true conviction by taking the strongest stand of any statewide candidate. His effort for Trump would warrant support alone but having spent many months on the trail with Corey Stewart, I have learned that he is someone willing to work to learn and find ways to help the areas of Virginia that most elected officials forget about after election day. He will stand with the voters of the 9th District, fight the establishment, and do what's best for the people, not special interests. For those reasons, I enthusiastically support and endorse Corey Stewart for Governor."

Jack Morgan
9th District Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President

"I endorse Corey Stewart for Governor because I personally know he has the same passion for Virginia as Donald Trump has for our Nation. I worked side by side with Corey door knocking for Mr. Trump after he was "fired." This issue never affected his enthusiasm to help Mr. Trump get elected. If anything, it fueled the fire inside him to push harder for the win. He was an incredible advocate for Donald Trump when we spoke to each individual. We were determined to turn Virginia red. Corey Stewart is a strong and proven leader who will bring jobs back to Virginia, stand strong against illegal immigration, protect our unborn, and protect our constitutional rights. He is not a Washington insider, but someone who understands the issues of the citizens of Virginia. As Governor of Virginia, he will continue to support and be the best candidate to work with our 45th President."

Lynn Rash
Co-Director for the 9th District, Donald J. Trump for President

"Today, I'm pleased to announce my endorsement of Corey Stewart for Governor! As the Intern to Mike Rubino for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, I remember fondly the day at the office that Mike introduced me to Corey, declaring that he was going to be "our next Governor." It stuck! Although I only had a brief conversation with Corey that day, I got to know him on the campaign trail for Trump, where we worked together on events throughout the state to organize and embolden the Trump grassroots. Corey never stopped fighting for Mr. Trump here in Virginia, and I look forward to electing him as our next Governor. He will fight for us just like he fought for Trump!"

Christianné L. Allen
Intern to Senior Advisor Mike Rubino, Donald J. Trump for President

"As a former Alleghany County GOP Unit Chairman, an early volunteer to the Trump campaign in Virginia, and current 7th District member of the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee, it is my distinct pleasure and honor today, to enthusiastically endorse Corey Stewart for Governor of Virginia in 2017. As Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Corey Stewart was one of the first and few elected officials to support Donald J. Trump for President.

I was one of the very first Virginia volunteers who helped advise Trump staff on event locations and venues, recruited speakers, singers, photographers and volunteers for numerous Trump rallies, drove Trump family members, and stored and distributed pallets of Trump signs, shirts and stickers. Throughout it all, I remember the selfless dedication and boundless effort Corey Stewart expended to promote the Trump campaign across the entire Commonwealth. It was this tireless energy and determined focus that brought me to endorse Corey Stewart for Governor.

In addition, Corey is dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment, and he alone, has a history of accomplishment I proudly support and defend. As an Endowed Lifetime member of the NRA, lifetime member of the Second Amendment Foundation and outspoken member of the Virginia Citizen's Defense League, I am pleased to report that Corey Stewart has enthusiastically and boldly stood up for your right to bear arms with a proven track record that no other candidate in this race can match.

Please join with me and countless other citizens of our great Commonwealth in supporting Corey Stewart as your next Governor of Virginia. Let's make our Commonwealth great again!"

Ronald L. Hedlund
County Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President and 7th District State Central Committee Member

"I am proud to endorse Corey Stewart in his run to be the next Governor of Virginia. No one worked harder than Corey in support of President Elect Trump and he was loyal to the end, a characteristic much admired by Mr. Trump. When others were pushing votes toward Hillary with their anti-Trump rhetoric, Corey was fighting in his defense. I stand beside this man of great character with pride."

Alice Butler-Short
Founder and State Director Virginia Women For Trump

"When the Virginia campaign was in disarray, Corey stepped up to the plate and contributed both time and money to organize volunteers throughout the state. When Mike Rubino and Mark Lloyd refused my request to send a campaign representative to the College Republican Federation of Virginia's annual convention, Corey and Alice Butler-Short made a donation to ensure that we would have a table to sign up volunteers for Trump and a speaking slot at the gala. Corey never stopped fighting for Trump and our grassroots movement here in Virginia. We need a fighter here in Virginia, and Corey has proven time and time again that he has our backs. I'm proud to endorse my friend Corey, and look forward to working with the rest of the Trump grassroots to get him elected."

Brian M. H. Landrum
Chairman of the Student Trump Coalition, Donald J. Trump for President

"I fully support and endorse Corey Stewart because unlike your typical politician, he is real! I first met Corey at the Radford Trump rally in the VIP room to meet Mr. Trump. What struck me the most was his impassioned support for Donald J. Trump, and the fact that he didn't "feel" like a typical politician. He had that down to earth feel of a common man. In our conversations since, I have come to know Corey as a man who will look you in the eye and actually listen to and care about what you have to say. After dealing with the rudeness of Mark Lloyd as a volunteer for Trump at some of his events, I can say Corey was a breath of fresh air. His pro-life stance mirrors my own, and there is no candidate running that is stronger on the 2nd Amendment than Corey Stewart. I am very concerned about immigration and Corey has the most impressive immigration policy of any Candidate running for office - he will protect the citizens of Virginia! As a State employee, I expressed concerns about the State employment system. He listened with astonishment at how things have become, and promised to look into it if elected Governor. Corey is a man who will always have your back, and I'm proud to now have his."

William I. Totten
Donald J. Trump for President Smyth County Volunteer Coordinator

"My name is Brandon Howard and I stand with Corey Stewart and proudly endorse him to be our next Governor of Virginia. I support Corey because he is the most conservative candidate in this race. Furthermore, I admire Corey's decision to stand up for the Trump grassroots when he protested the RNC's decision to pull support from our nominee. Even though he knew his actions could result in his release from the campaign, he stood by his principles and refused to back down. Finally, Corey is the strongest candidate on the 2nd amendment and the protection of our constitutional rights. I know that unlike typical politicians, Corey will do what he says he will do, and for that he will always have my support."

Brandon Howard
Chairman, Republican Party of the City of Hopewell
4th District Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President

"In Virginia, we are in desperate need of someone like Donald Trump. Someone with an American First mentality. Someone who is going to stand up to the corruption in politics and the political correctness that has consumed our society. We need someone who is going to work alongside our President-elect in Making America Great Again and I believe that man is Corey Stewart. Corey Stewart’s record speaks for itself: he is a proven leader, as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County and Virginia Chairman of the Donald J. Trump Campaign. We can count on Corey to stand up to the establishment and do what is right for Virginia! I am officially endorsing Corey Stewart as the next Governor of Virginia."

Zachary Dunn
Co-Chairman, Liberty University Trump Coalition

"I support Corey Stewart as Virginia's next Governor because we need a proven leader who is not part of the status quo but someone with bold and conservative leadership. Corey Stewart will lower taxes as he was very instrumental in doing in his own Prince William County. He will cut wasteful government spending and cut the needless regulations that have burdened small businesses and bring new jobs to the commonwealth. Corey will also ensure that the illegal immigration that has been thwarting our communities will cease and the working class will again be gainfully employed in businesses that will cause their own communities to once again thrive with prosperity. Corey Stewart will work with our President Elect and make Virginia great again! Merry Christmas!"

Robin Richards
2nd District Regional Field Director, Donald J. Trump for President

"Corey Stewart for Governor of Virginia I believe would be the smartest, logical and advantageous choice for our Commonwealth. Corey has proven his worth and skills in the County of Prince William and the State through his tireless pursuit in excellence on everything he is confronted with or been tasked to accomplish. Corey Stewart is very much a people person and will bring the State of Virginia the leadership it needs. Therefore, I Scott Knuth a Delegate from the 8th Congressional District of Virginia endorse Corey Stewart as our Next Governor in 2017."

Scott Knuth
National Pro-Trump Delegate
8th Congressional District

"Unlike other politicians and government leaders who continue to pander to illegals in our country to get votes, Corey Stewart stands with leaders like Donald Trump, Senator Jeff Sessions, and the U.S. Border patrol who want to secure our borders. Sadly, many Americans suffer the consequences of illegal immigration, some even to the point of having their families destroyed due to crime. Corey understands this huge problem and the tremendous cost to the U.S. taxpayer including the risk to our safety. Corey is not against immigration. He is opposed to people coming into our country illegally and committing crimes. He believes in America first, even at the risk of what many believe to be the sacrifice of some votes. I personally like the fact that Corey has been so loyal to Mr. Trump, especially when people were saying things like Donald Trump could never win and that he should just drop out. Negative spin stories against Trump never caused Corey to waver in his support. Others made all the politically correct statements to make themselves look good, but Corey was the one who never wavered one bit, and who remained rock solid behind Trump. I guarantee, if Donald Trump was in a military battle zone with bullets firing, he would want Corey to be next to him. It's not easy to find someone who is loyal when things are tough. That's why Corey gives me the confidence that he will stand firm in adversity and that he will keep his promises."

Michael Herzberg
Hanover County Volunteer Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President

"I couldn't be more excited to announce my endorsement of Corey Stewart for Governor of Virginia. He's a proven conservative that has brought incredible results in Prince William County. Having known Corey for years, I can truly see the change in Prince William brought about under his Leadership, including the successful deportation of 7,500+ criminal illegal aliens. The Virginia Gubernatorial Election isn't about the candidates as individuals, it's an election about the course of Virginia. Too much is at stake to entrust the Democratic Party with another four years in power. Corey Stewart is a man of integrity, and will never let us down. Those of us who support Donald J. Trump remember the constant support that Corey gave to us, and our President-Elect. Today I'm proud to stand with a great leader, husband to Maria, and father of two sons, by endorsing Corey Stewart. I hope you will do the same."

Joshua Rosene
Regional Field Director of Roanoke & New River Valley, Team Virginia

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