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Virginia Restaurant Denies Business to Illegal Immigration Hawk Corey Stewart Amid Claims of Racism


Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart must find a new venue for his Rally to End Illegal Immigration as a result of a telephone campaign intended to stop the rally engineered by George Soros-funded liberal activists known as Indivisible.

"This is just one more example of the left's overt objective of shutting down all debate in the United States," said Stewart. "The left knows that its opinions cannot thrive in an open, free marketplace of ideas, and so they literally use force to compel everyone to hold their own opinions. No dissent is allowed in the totalitarian future the left is trying to build for us," explained Stewart. "In addition to Virginia's problem with illegal immigrants, Harrisonburg in particular is an Obama refugee resettlement site, which is just one more issue Richmond needs to sort out," Stewart said.

"We will not stop, and we will not be silenced. This rally to end illegal immigration will go on for the very reason that we are the adults in the room attempting to have a very rational discussion about safety, security, and the rule of law in Virginia and in the United States," Stewart continued.

After being bombarded with angry phone calls and emails from an astroturf activist group funded by George Soros calling itself "indivisible," which called Corey Stewart a racist for his desire to end illegal immigration, Dave's Taverna issued a statement explaining their decision to rescind the offer to host the Rally to End Illegal Immigration at the Harrisonburg, Virginia, restaurant.

“After a large number of phone calls, emails, and social media responses, Dave’s Taverna has decided Mr. Stewart’s event has outgrown our small, locally owned venue,” Engel’s statement said.

“We would love to continue hosting any party’s candidate that offers a platform that continues to help the Valley remain diverse and fulfills Harrisonburg’s reputation as ‘The Friendly City,’” he continued, invoking one of the city’s nicknames.

Stewart's rally, which was to be held at Dave's Taverna on Port Republic Rd. in Harrisonburg this Saturday, will now be held at the Wood Grill Buffet in Harrisonburg.

The story was first reported by the Daily News-Record, a local Harrisonburg newspaper.

"The radicals on the left clearly don't even want to have a discussion about those issues that are of utmost importance to Virginians," Stewart continued, "and frankly it's time we begin to ask ourselves whether people who don't even believe in open dialogue and free expression of thought should be allowed a seat at the table to discuss these critical issues."

"For too long, the leftists have tried to silence the rational, reasonable thinking of conservatives," said Stewart. "Well we will not allow them to silence us any longer. We are reasonable, our ideas are grounded in reality rather than in fantasy world much of the left lives in," he said.

"These ideas are not unreasonable, and they are not racist," Stewart proclaimed. "These ideas are common sense. And so our rally will go on. We will bring this message to everyone in Virginia who is open to having an open dialogue about how to fix our economy, how to fix our immigration system, and how to make sure the Commonwealth is providing its most vital services at acceptable levels,"