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Stewart Blasts New York Times for Breaking into Staffer's Apartment

Stewart Blasts New York Times for Breaking into Staffer's Apartment

Woodbridge, VA - Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Stewart issued a statement about reports a New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul broke into a former campaign staffer's apartment Wednesday in search of a story.

"The fake news media will stop at nothing to destroy Republicans, as we've seen with their coverage of President Trump and others over the last few years," Stewart said. "Far left media from New York to Richmond have been working overtime to invent wild stories to try to give advantage to Tim Kaine, and now they're breaking into our team's homes in pursuit of their narrative." 

"These leftists truly are deranged. It's like Watergate, but in this case it's the New York Times sending their reporters to break into a private residence," Stewart said.

"I knew the New York Times didn't care much for the rule of law, but this kind of behavior is blatant intimidation intended to silence conservatives, and it won't be tolerated. Tim Kaine should immediately denounce The New York Times and the politics of violence and intimidation," Stewart concluded. 

Corey Stewart is Virginia's Republican nominee for U.S. Senate challenging Tim Kaine, Former State Chairman for Donald Trump, and At-Large Board of County Supervisors Chairman of Prince William. To schedule an interview email