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Stewart: I'm Running Better Than "Targeted" OH, PA, And WV GOP Senate Candidates

Stewart: I'm Running Stronger Than "Targeted" OH, PA, and WV GOP Senate Candidates 


Woodbridge, VA - Virginia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart said he's running stronger than "targeted" Republican challengers in states Trump won and that the national party committees "need to get over losing" and support his campaign.

"Tim Kaine is polling exceptionally low, at 44%, for an incumbent Senator. In the same poll, I am only 11 points behind with a whopping 23% undecided," said Stewart, who has won five elections in Prince William, the 2nd largest county in Virginia.

"That's better than GOP Senate candidates taking on Democrats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia - all states that voted for President Trump," said Stewart. 

"In Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey is at the same 44% Kaine is at,according to the latest polling. But the Senatorial Committee is targeting this race even though the Republican is only at 27%," said Stewart.

"Senator Brown of Ohio is over 50%, against another McConnell endorsed candidate who is down by a massive 17%," Stewart noted.

"In West Virginia, Manchin is sitting at 53% - nine points higher than Kaine - and has a 13 point lead over the GOP nominee," Stewart added.

"Mitch McConnell, Cory Gardner, and their gang need to stop fighting conservatives and start helping to elect us," Stewart said. "We have the same goal, to help the greatest president in our lifetimes Make America Great Again." 

"It's time the national party gets over the fact I beat their guy," Stewart said. "But Mitch, Cory, and their staff need to get on board and realize that I am going to defeat Tim Kaine and in the process set forward the playbook for Republicans to win in 2018 and beyond, to take back our country. This will be the most watched Senate race in the country," Stewart concluded.   

Stewart won handily in the primary in Northern Virginia, winning the 10th and 11th Congressional Districts by a combined 13,000 votes and winning Prince William, Fairfax County and City, Manassas, and Loudoun by double digits, which combine to make up over 25% of the entire weighted vote in Virginia.