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Stewart Releases Internal Poll

Stewart Releases Internal Poll

Woodbridge, VA - Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from Virginia Corey Stewart today released internal polling of the likely general election voters in this November's U.S. Senate contest with Tim Kaine. 

In an analysis of 428 surveys of Virginia voters likely to participate in the November 2018 election, incumbent U.S. Senator Tim Kaine leads the still relatively unknown Stewart by just 44-35.

Kaine loses the “re-elect” question to “someone new” by 44-49.

Kaine led Stewart in the re-elect question by 45-41 in November 2017, and was up 45-27 in the ballot test in November 2017

In July, Senator Kaine is a 16-34 net negative with undecided voters – with undecided ratings even higher than President Trump’s 31 percent unfavorable (with undecideds).

Stewart, on the other hand, is relatively unknown with those undecided in the Senate contest.

94 percent of undecided voters have either never heard of Corey Stewart or have no opinion of him.

Stewart's unfavorable rating with Senate undecideds is just 2 percent.

Surveys were completed on the nights of July 10-12 and 16-19, 2018 from those who had participated in both the 2016 and 2017 general elections and interviewed only if they said their chances of voting in the November 2018 election was “definite” or “very likely.”

Corey Stewart is Virginia's Republican nominee for U.S. Senate challenging Tim Kaine, Former State Chairman for Donald Trump, and At-Large Board of County Supervisors Chairman of Prince William. To schedule an interview email